Lady Slipper Necklace

Lady Slipper Necklace


The Lady Slipper orchid is easily spotted by its trademark pouch on the flower which resembles a shoe. This pouches help the Lady Slipper to pollinate the flowers. Insects get briefly entrapped in the pouches to collect or deposit pollen on the staminode as they crawl out of the pouches.

Orchids bring a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury & strength.

This stunning orchid was picked at it’s perfection and has been preserved in resin for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

This preservation process can take up to a week per flower with several coats of resin applied in stages to make it as durable as possible.

Every necklace comes with an adjustable black suede cord. This can be easily removed and replaced with your favorite chain.  If you do not have a chain you love, please select sterling silver chain at an extra cost of $20.

The orchid size is about 2.25 inches high and 2.25 inches wide  (Orchid size and colour will vary as each flower is one of a kind)